In my clinical practice I use a Holistic, Integrative, Person Centred Approach to enable me to work with a wide range of Mental Health issues and psychological problems. l appreciate for some clients the very thought of counselling can be daunting and overwhelming. I understand the apprehension and reservation clients may feel before contacting a Therapist. To help put enquiring clients at ease I like to provide as much clarity about the services I offer and also the therapeutic process itself. I also believe that it is essential for clients to establish a good rapport with the Therapist before making any commitment to session work.

It is for this reason that I like invite clients to meet with me face to face to discuss their issues and then decide if they want to engage in the Therapy; but clients are under no obligation to do so. However, if a client is happy to proceed l will explain the Therapeutic Contract to them and then conduct an initial Assessment. The client will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire so I can gather the relevant information about their main presenting issues and also clinically asses risk. I will then develop a unique treatment plan for addressing their current difficulties; or if appropriate decide if a referral to another service or Clinical Specialist is required.

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