Couple Counselling

Here counselling is offered from a Biblical perspective and with a Christian ethos to help couples to not just 'survive' within their marriage but also thrive. It is a misconception that only couples in crisis need to seek counselling. But many couples will also engage in the therapeutic process to enrich their marriage relationship and build upon their love for one another along with their existing strengths and spiritual attributes.

However, many Couples do struggle with problems and difficulties that can arise within any relationship at any time and for all sorts of complex reasons. Very often over time communication between the couple has somehow got polluted, become fractured or even broken down completely.

The therapeutic process is collaborative and can facilitate the exploration of the couple's issues and encourage emotional reconnection. The therapist will be objective and maintain a non-judgemental approach. Both individuals will be encouraged to identify their conflict style, dysfunctional behavioural patterns and unhealthy dialogues. But most importantly the couple will learn how to recognize the 'music' that keeps their 'dance' going and get attuned to their partners needs. Couples can also gain deeper insights and healthier perspectives when supported to work through any unresolved trauma, underlying insecurities or unmet needs. Trust and Confidence building is another important aspect of the therapy and Couples are encouraged to rediscover each other's values, strengths and unique qualities. It is hoped that as both parties practice kind responses and engage in respectful, loving dialogue conflicts can be resolved, harmony can be restored and hurt can be healed.

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